Noble Vice Wine & Culinary Event at Old Biscuit Mill

published on: Monday, 28 August 2017

The Old Biscuit Mill proved to be the perfect setting for Noble Vice Wine & Culinary Event. Said to be a gathering of the curious and enlightened, the 250+ guests were not disappointed by this bucket-list-worthy food and wine event.

The line-up of 25 wine producers included some avant-garde, new generation winemakers and the event offered an intimate and informative sampling of some of their best wines. Noble Vice's selection for the day aimed at featuring wines that speak of a place and personality and they definitely hit the mark. The Swartland was well represented with names such as AA Badenhorst, Mullineux Wines, David & Nadia, Huis van Chevallerie pouring some of their expressive wines. Other favourites included Stellenbosch producers such as Kaapzicht , Craven Wines and Keermont Vineyards.

Also on offer for the day was curated food from 6 talented chefs alongside a program of premium local musicians and the city's finest merchants, making this heaven for wine and food lovers.

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