Kaapzicht's people are enthusiastic sport's men and women:
Every Saturday and Sunday they play soccer on a field in our valley and both our men's and lady's senior soccer teams each won the Trophy for Best Team in their various soccer leagues which are played among the farms in our Bottelary district.
Our junior team also plays soccer, being taught and coached by one of our own young men.

In addition we are very proud of our under 11 sports team: they won the day of "Boeresport" and got first prize!

News blog with pictures:
On Friday afternoon, 11th June 2010, Kaapzicht celebrated the opening of the soccer world cup and the start of the first match between South Africa and Mexico.
We surprised our workers by handing them not only their payslip, but also a yellow Bafana-Bafana T-shirt (our National Soccer team's colours) and instead of sending them home after a week's work, we invited them to watch the opening ceremony live on a big screen in our hall.
All their family and friends were welcome to join, (those are the ones not wearing the yellow shirts) –the queue at the bar was never ending, two huge iron pots of "potjiekos" were slowly cooking over the fire and everyone was invited to "dig in" once the food was ready.
The noise, hooting of vuvuzelas and enthusiastic support for what was happening on the big screen, was ear deafening, but as you will see from the pictures I attached, it was big smiles all round.

So the news?
Kaapzicht’s people do not only work to make good wine, they can also party !!!
Have a look !

Viva South Africa !

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